A topless picture sent to Jana Kramer's husband Mike Caussin came from a bot.

    However, their relationship was rocked once again earlier this month when Jana found A semi-naked picture of a mystery woman on Mike's Apple Watch. He then claimed he'd deleted the message as if not to his wife's sentence and

    During an interview on TV show Extra, Jana and Mike opened up on the scandal with the former One Tree Hill star […]

    "I do believe that because I know it's not an actual person," she explained. It's a bot, but I still do not believe it. I totally get why. I get that thought process 100 per cent, it's just that the great thing the trauma takes … I do not know how much. "

    Mike, a recovering sex addict, added that the couple are doing their best to move on from

    "This has probably been the most difficult thing to date … the most difficult to swallow," he says said. "Last night, I could not sleep because I'm tired of feeling like the bad guy and it's because of my shame."

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